An Updated Website for the Lister Institute

Hello and welcome to the new and improved Lister Institute website!

We have enhanced the look and feel of the Lister Institute website and now have an updated design that we hope will help us better serve our Members, Fellows and future research prize applicants.

The new website better reflects our leading position in biomedical research funding in the UK and Ireland.

We have always tried to support both potential and past research prize winners by providing detailed information on the application process, and by openly publicising and communicating their work – and the new website has been built with these aims in mind.

The list below includes the main areas of the website to help you navigate easily:

About us – in this section you can read details about the history, setup and vision of the Institute. Find out more about the teams and committees driving genuine innovation in biomedical research, and discover the progress we’ve made since the Institute first began over 125 years ago.

Prize Fellows – in this section you can find out more about the scientists and researchers who the Lister Institute funds and supports. We’ve always been proud of the way that our research prizes have not only helped researchers build great careers, but also of how they have enabled us to build a strong network of mutually-supportive experts – and you can find out more about who they are and what they do in this section.

Research Prizes – in this section you can discover just what a Lister Institute research prize entails, what the eligibility criteria are, and how to apply. Application forms are available for download and you can also read some testimonials from previous winners on what the funding meant for their research and career.

News – in this section we’ll be sharing the latest news from the Institute and our Members and Fellows so you can find out a little more about the impact we are making in the field.

There we have it!

We’d love to know what you think about the new website so if you have any feedback please contact us today.

Also, if you know of any researcher who might be able to benefit from a Lister Institute research prize, please share our site with them and encourage them to get in touch.

2017 was certainly an exciting year here at the Lister Institute, and we’re looking forward to supporting our valued members and fellows (both new and old) in 2018 – so please stay tuned for more from us.