Summer Studentship Award – Terms and Conditions

Lister Summer Studentship – Terms and Conditions

  • The award of £2,900 (provided the studentship lasts for no less than 6 weeks) will be paid to the host institution by the Lister Institute in advance of the commencement of the studentship.
  • The host institution is responsible for the administration of the award and for all payments to the student, upon receipt of the funding by the host institution from the Lister Institute.
  • The Institute will pay the fixed amount of £2,900 and the host institution should then pay the student according to their own policies. We pay enough to enable you to comply with minimum wage if needed.
  • The award is for a maximum of 10 weeks and a minimum of 6 (see above) and monies must only be used for the support of the student and the associated research project.
  • The host institution is responsible for all health and safety issues relating to the student/project and compliance with all legislative and licence requirements of the project. This includes ensuring they are working in a COVID-19 secure environment when working in the lab.
  • As far as is possible and necessary the host institution is responsible for the welfare of the student and ensuring that all legal requirements are met (work permit etc).
  • In any publication (paper, short communication, letter, poster or talk) resulting from the student’s input to the research this should be fully recognised, and the student must be referred to by name and as a Lister Institute Summer Student in any such publication.
  • If the host institution (in its reasonable opinion) decides that any intellectual property arising from the research is commercially exploitable, the host institution will consider whether it is appropriate to seek intellectual property protection and further develop the intellectual property. In the event that any revenue is generated through commercial exploitation of the intellectual property, the host institution will agree an appropriate share with the Lister Institute, in line with the host institution’s own ‘reward to inventors’ policy.
  • At the end of the project feedback must be sent to the Institute by both yourself and your student (the form to be filled in for this will be emailed out to you and your student when the payment is made).
  • Any additional costs must be covered by the host institution.