Lister Summer Studentships

Lister Institute Summer Studentships

As part of our aim to nurture the future leaders in biomedical research the Lister Institute provides funding for summer students in biomedical fields.

The Lister summer studentship scheme is open to all Fellows and Former Fellows of the Institute working in the UK and provides funding for a student to spend time working in a Fellow’s laboratory during the summer holiday period. This provides an opportunity for Lister Fellows (current and former) to receive additional support for their research. It also provides a great opportunity for an undergraduate student to experience working in a top laboratory and to undertake their own project. The students are also invited to attend the Lister Annual Fellows meeting and to present their research in a poster presentation. This is particularly valuable to those thinking about a career in research and a great networking opportunity. The award has proved to be an excellent stepping-stone in the careers of the students with the majority registering for PhDs and a number going on to publish in high profile journals.

The Lister Summer Studentships were first established in 2011 with 20 studentships awarded. Since that time over 500 have been funded.

The Scheme

The scheme is aimed at undergraduates, usually at the end of their second year and provides a total of £2,900 that is paid prior to the commencement of the studentship. To obtain the full amount of £2,900 the studentship must be held for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks. Any excess funds may be used to offset laboratory costs. All funds will be paid directly to the Host Institution. Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.


How to Apply

If you are a student interested in a Lister Institute-funded summer studentship, please make contact with a current or former Lister Fellow.

Towards the end of each year, the Lister Institute will write to all Fellows to ask if they would like to be considered for a studentship. Lister Summer Studentships will be allocated to Fellows on a first come, first served basis.

All Fellows who are allocated a studentship will be required to register online and fill in the necessary paperwork before the Institute can pay any monies. Payment is usually made in June and detailed report will be due after the project finishes, typically in September.

If you have any questions about the Lister Summer Studentships, please contact


Here’s what some of the previous staff and students who have benefited from the Lister summer studentship scheme say about the experience:

Lister Summer Studentship FAQ’s

Who are the Lister Summer Studentships aimed at?

The Lister Summer Studentship scheme is aimed at undergraduates usually at the end of their second year.

As a student how can I apply?

Students will need to reach out to the Lister Fellows and Former Fellows in December/January to discuss working in their labs. The Lister does not have any involvement at this stage, and students are encouraged to approach Fellows and Former Fellows that work in their area of interest or studies.

What is the Studentship duration?

Typically, the studentships are for 6- 8 weeks, and no more than 10 weeks.

As a Fellow how do I apply?

Applications must be made by the Lister Fellow via the Lister online application form. Please contact for the link to application form.

Funding is allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Can I apply for more than one Studentship?

We accept applications for one student per Lister Fellow / Former Fellows, however student details can be updated, if necessary, e.g. if a student withdraws and is replaced by another undergraduate.

When is the funding paid?

The stipend is typically paid in June directly to the host institution, that will need to arrange to pay the student.

Who can apply?

Any Lister Fellow or Former Fellow can apply for funding. The Lister Fellow will then choose their own student.

Lister Student Poster Session

All Lister Summer Students will have the opportunity to present their posters during the poster session at the Annual Fellows Meeting held in September in Oxford. Invitation to the Annual Meeting will be sent to the Fellows / Former Fellows, and their respective students in the summer ahead of the Meeting. All students that present their posters at the Annual Fellows Meeting will be emailed certificates in the autumn after the meeting.

Reporting obligations

Supervisor and student reports will need to be submitted for all participants that have completed the Lister Summer Studentship scheme. Templates will be emailed to supervisors and students in September following completion of the scheme.