Conflicts of Interest Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Conflicts of interest policy (For potential reviewers)

Reviewers have a conflict of interest that will prevent them from reviewing an application to the Lister Institute if they:

1. Are based at the same institution as the applicant or have been in the previous 12 months (even if they don’t know the individual personally)

2. Have substantively collaborated with the applicant in the previous 3 years, in the sense of providing intellectual input into a project

  • Co-publication will generally indicate collaboration, but there may be exceptions, for example where a paper acknowledges a significant number of contributing authors who have not collaborated on the work in a substantive sense.

3. Are a close or known relative of the applicant.

4. Are a business partner of the applicant or have a financial interest in the application

5. Are in a supervisory relationship with the applicant (now or in the previous 5 years)

6. Have any other relationship with the applicant which could compromise, or cause a reasonably informed outsider to doubt, the objectivity of the evaluation of the application.

7. Are a current Lister applicant (applying for the prize within the same year)

Confidentiality Agreement

While undertaking a review, you must not disclose the fact that the applicant has applied for research funding, nor the content of the application to any other person (including work colleagues) without the prior written consent of the applicant, obtained via The Lister Institute. Equally, the information in the application must not be used for any other purpose other than providing a review for The Lister Institute. In addition, any personal information contained within the application must be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and therefore must not be disclosed to any third party.

Please see here for our Privacy Policy.

When reviewing applications, it is important that reviewers avoid keeping confidential Lister Institute data on their local IT system, computer, or mobile device for longer than necessary to carry out the review and securely delete any data when the review has been completed. As the application is securely stored on Benefactor you should not need to download it onto your computer. In the event of a data loss, please report the incident to The Lister Institute as soon as possible by emailing