Two Lister Fellows of past and present elected as EMBO members

Earlier this summer, the prestigious European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) announced their newly elected members, among whom were two Lister Fellows.

Former Fellow Professor Muzlifah Haniffa, and current Fellow Dr Thomas Baden, joined the international network of over 2,000 members in recognition of their scientific excellence.

Professor Muzlifah Haniffa, a founding member of the Human Cell Atlas and Professor of Dermatology and Immunology at Newcastle University, is “absolutely delighted” to be elected as an EMBO member.

She and her team, work to comprehend the process of how the human immune system develops, maintains health, and how it responds to inflammation and infection. Muzz is also the Coordinator for the Development Bionetwork at the Human Cell Atlas, an exciting global initiative to map and characterise every cell in the human body.

Muzz says that the recognition is a “testament to the collective effortsof her team at Haniffa Lab, and she looks forward to the opportunities for international collaboration to come from being an EMBO member.

Current Fellow Dr Thomas Baden thanked the Lister Institute for believing in his work and its “unwavering commitment to fostering scientific excellence and innovation.” At Baden Lab, Tom and his team are working on untangling the evolutionary computation of the vertebral nervous system using its most accessible point, the retina, as their exploration platform. Using the latest in imaging technology, Thomas’s research addresses how the synapses and neural networks enable us to function, and how these networks rearrange to keep up with evolutionary demand.

Tom says he felt a “profound sense of gratitude and excitement” upon finding out he had been elected as a member of EMBO, explaining that it represents a key moment in his scientific journey.

He looks forward to joining a network of exceptional researchers and says this recognition is a reminder that: Collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to advancing knowledge are essential for the progress of science.”

It brings us immense joy to have played a role in supporting Muzz and Tom in their research and individual journeys. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to them both on being elected as members of EMBO, and we look forward to further discoveries stemming from their work.

You can find out more about the work done at Haniffa Lab and Baden Lab here

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