Our first Fellows Visit of 2024! Congratulations Srikanth Ramaswamy

On Monday 15 April, Our Chair Sir John Iredale and Director Sally Burtles visited the Faculty of Medical Sciences to formally award the Lister Prize to our 2023 Fellow Srikanth Ramaswamy.

They were welcomed by Srikanth and his colleagues; Dean of Research and Innovation Professor Quentin Anstee, Pro Vice Chancellor Professor David Burn and Dean of the Biosciences Institute Professor Joris Veltman.

As part of the day, Srikanth gave a Fellowship Lecture describing his research. It focuses on signalling chemicals called neuromodulators, which affect the workings of the mammalian brain. Srikanth’s approach combines computational and biological disciplines. He aims to build a model that will be able to predict how neuromodulators can change higher-level cognition and memory.

“It is a great honour to receive this prestigious award. As a computational and theoretical neuroscientist, I didn’t think I could apply, let alone win!” said Srikanth, who is planning to use the funding to expand his team.

“Thanks to the incredible support from my colleagues at Newcastle University and the Lister Institute, I now have the flexibility to build a multidisciplinary team to progress this new research direction at the interface of neuromodulators, biological and artificial neural networks,” he said.

Our Fellows visits are always a happy occasion, creating an opportunity for both the Lister Institute and the faculty community to celebrate the Fellow and their research at a landmark point in their career.

Thank you to the Faculty for the warm welcome we received, and congratulations once again to Srikanth!

Sir John Iredale, Sally Burtles, Professor Quentin Anstee (Dean of Research & Innovation), Dr Srikanth Ramaswamy, Professor David Burn (Pro Vice Chancellor) and Professor Joris Veltman (Dean of Biosciences Institute) all from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle.

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