Dr David I Strutt

Categories: Cell Biology, Genetics /Epigenetics, Molecular Biology
Location: University of Sheffield

Fellow 1998-2003

Area of Current Research Interests
Understanding how during animal development cells become polarized in developing tissues or organs in a co-ordinated fashion.  Using the cuticle of the fruit fly, Drosophila, as the model system and a variety of genetic and cell biological approaches.

Other Information
Lister Institute-Jenner Fellow.
Promoted to Reader from 1.10.01.
Awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship from 2003
Elected a Member of the Institute, 2004.
Promotion to Professor of Developmental Genetics, 2005
Awarded Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship, 2008.
Awarded Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship, 2013.
Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship in 2018.