Dr Penny E Stein

Location: University of Cambridge

Fellow 1990-1994

Area of Current Research Interests
Structural studies of the serpin family of proteins.

Other Information
Granted 1 year’s leave of absence from 1.3.91 for crystallography training, Dept of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at the University of Alberta, Canada.
Renewed fellowship 1.4.93; fellowship now to end 30.9.97.
Resigned fellowship 1.12.94 to take up research in the Department of Medical Microbiology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.
Granted, exceptionally, 6 months’ fellowship from 1.10.95 to 31.3.96 to complete research project at Cambridge.
Professor’s Prize in Clinical Biochemistry, 1966
Awarded a Wellcome Senior Clinical Fellowship from 1.10.98 in the Department of Haematology, School of Clinical Medicine, Cambridge.
Elected a Member of the Institute, 2000.