Professor Barry V L Potter

Categories: Cancer, Endocrinology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology/ Therapeutics
Location: University of Oxford

Fellow 1987-1995

Area of Current Research Interests
Chemistry of signal transduction and calcium signalling pathways involving IP3, cADPR and NAADP. Using a variety of synthetic, medicinal and biological chemistry methods to investigate enzyme inhibition, drug design and endocrinology, primarily in oncology.

Other Information
Appointed Lister Institute Research Professor of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Bath from 1.10.90, the Chair to continue in the Institute’s name until 30.9.95.
Head of Medicinal Chemistry from 1990.
Member of BBSRC Committee on Intracellular Signalling Programme, 1992-1996.
Awarded DSc, University of Oxford, 1.2.93.
Member of EPSRC Synthetic & Biological Chemistry College, 1995-1997.
Professor of Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, 1995.
Elected a Member of the Institute, 1996.
Member of the RAE panel for Pharmacy, 200l.
Non-Executive Director, Sterix Limited (2004-2009).
Member of the RAE2008 HEFCE Pharmacy Panel.
Appointed visiting Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Oxford (2006-2014).
Appointed to Wellcome Trust “Molecules Genes and Cells” Funding Panel (2006-2011).
Royal Society of Chemistry George & Christine Sosnovsky Prize in Cancer Therapy (2007/8).
RSC George & Christine Sosnovsky Endowed Lecturer 2007/8.
Royal Society of Chemistry 2007 UCB-Celltech Industrially Sponsored Award & Medal in Chemical Biology.
Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 2008.
Elected Fellow of the Institute of Directors, 2008.
Elected Fellow of the Institute of Biology, Chartered Biologist, 2008.
Member of Sectional Committee 1, Academy of Medical Sciences, 2008-2011.
Fellow, Royal Society of Arts, 2009.
Appointed to the HEFCE Research Excellence Framework (REF) Expert Panel, 2009.
Associate Editor, Journal of Steroid Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, 2009.
Incorporated into “H-index ranking of living chemists” listing, 2009.
Elected to Academia Europaea, 2009.
GlaxoSmithKline International Achievement Award, 2009.
Editor Biochemical Journal BJChemBio 2009-2016.
Awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Section Malcolm Campbell Memorial Prize & Medal.
Awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Interdisciplinary Prize & Medal, 2010 with an Endowed Lectureship for 2010.
RSC Interdisciplinary Prize Endowed Lecturer, 2010-2011.
Chairman, Medical Biopharma International Grant Review Panel, Danish Council for Independent Research, 2011.
Member, International Advisory Board, Institute of Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague, 2011-present
European Life Sciences Awards “Investigator of the Year”, 2012.
Wellcome Trust Peer Review College, 2012-2015.
Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator, 2013.
Appointed to International Advisory Board ChemMedChem 2014-2017.
IUPAC Advisory Board Member, Successful Drug Discovery, Vols 1-3, 2014-2018
Royal Society of Chemistry, Biological & Medicinal Chemistry Section, Endowed Lectureship in Medicinal Chemistry 2015/2016.
Appointed Professor of Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, Department of Pharmacology, University of Oxford, 2015.
Appointed Visiting Professor of Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, University of Bath, 2015-2018 (Now extended to 2024).
Elected Special Supernumerary Fellow of University College, Oxford, 2016
Appointed to Lister Institute Scientific Advisory Committee, 2017.
Awarded Tu Youyou Award for Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology related to Natural Product Chemistry, 2018.
Member of the College of Experts, European Science Foundation, 2018-2021.
Awarded D.Sc degree honoris causa by the University of Bath, 2020.