Professor Anthony Maxwell

Categories: Biochemistry, Biophysics, DNA/RNA, Infection, Microbiology, Microbiome, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology
Location: John Innes Centre Norwich

Fellow 1991-1997

Area of Current Research Interests
DNA gyrase and other DNA topoisomerases: structure, function and mechanisms of action; role in DNA replication, recombination and the control of gene expression. Antibiotic action and discovery. Galleria mellonella as a model for the human infant gut microbiome.

Other Information
Lister Institute-Jenner Fellow.
Reader in the Department of Biochemistry, 1.10.94.
Awarded Personal Chair in Biochemistry from 1.10.97.
Executive Editor, Nucleic Acids Research 1998-2007.
Elected a Member of the Institute, 1998.
Head of Biol Chemistry, John Innes Centre, 2000-2016.
Hon. Professor of Biological Science, UEA, from 1.8.01.
Member of Faculty of 1000 (f1000), 2008.
Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 2008.
Gordon Conference Evaluation Committee, 2010-2017.
Member of the Antibiotic Action Advisory Board, 2012-2019.
Inspiralis Ltd. – Director, Founder, Consultant and Chairman of the Board, 2005.
Wellcome Trust Investigator Award, 2016.
Editor of J. Mol. Biol 2016-present.
Normanby Lecture in Microbiology (Trinity College Dublin) 2016.
Hamied Foundation UK-India AMR Visiting Professorships; Academy of Medical Sciences, 2019.