Professor Caroline Dive

Location: Christie Hospital, Manchester

Fellow 1995-2001

Area of Current Research Interests
Molecular regulation of apoptosis: its relationship to disease, particularly cancer. Drug induced apoptosis and its suppression. Validation and imple-mentation of pharmaco-kinetic and dynamic assays.

Other Information
Granted maternity leave from 17.2.97 to 18.5.97. Fellowship extended to 28.2.01.
1998 Charles Darwin lecturer for the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
Promoted to Reader, 1.10.98.
Awarded personal chair in Molecular Pharmacology from 1.1.02 (to be held jointly with the Schools of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences and of Biological Sciences).
Elected a Member of the Institute 2002.
Appointed head of division of Physiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology, April 2003.
Moved to Paterson Institute of Cancer Research as Senior Group Leader, Cell & Molecular Pharmacology, 1.9.03.
Remains Professor of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Manchester
Elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, 2016.