Professor Jeffrey W Almond

Location: Aventis Pasteur

Fellow 1984-1985

Area of Current Research Interests
Has worked in the vaccines industry since 1998. General interest in the pathogenesis and immunobiology of infectious diseases and in human vaccine research and development. Broader interest and expertise in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals industry.

Other Information
Presenter of the 6th Sir Henry Dale Lecture, 1984.
Winner of the SGM Fleming Award 1985.
Resigned fellowship on appointment as Professor of Microbiology, University of Reading, 1985.
Winner, Univ Section, Toshiba Year of Invention, 1988.
Visiting Research Fellow, CIBA-GEIGY, 1989-1990.
Head, School of Animal & Microbial Sciences, 1990-1994.
Elected a Member of the Institute, 1993.
Member of SEAC (Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee) 1995-2000.
Appointed Vice President of R&D (France) Pasteur Mérieux Connaught, 1999.
Appointed Vice President Discovery & External R & D, Aventis Pasteur, 2001.
Senior Vice President for Research & External R & D, Aventis Pasteur, 2003.
Elected Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences, 2007.
Appointed to MRC Council 2008-12.
Retired from Sanofi Pasteur, October 2013.
Retired from MRC Council, 2014 (after 6 years in post)
Visiting Professor of Microbiology at University of Reading 1998-present.
Visiting Professor at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, 2013-present.