Lister research prize applications for 2021 are now open

We are very pleased to announce that the 2021 research prize applications are now open.

Each year we award funding to outstanding biomedical scientists in the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI).

Our aim is to grow capacity in the research community and help early-career scientists who have showed outstanding potential in their field.We offer flexible funding over a five-year period that can be put towards a variety of research costs and expenses, aside from the applicant’s personal salary.

The research prizes are awarded as lump sums of £250,000 that must be spent within a five-year period and up to 6 are awarded each year.

The funding can be used for equipment, travel, consumables or the salaries of post-doctoral workers, technicians or PhD students etc.

We have always aimed to provide research funding that has a genuine impact. We look for scientists for whom receipt of the award would make a major difference to their work.

Applications are welcomed from tenured and non-tenured researchers, clinicians and non-clinicians, and no priority diseases or restrictions on the research area are in place.


The awards are open to scientists who will hold a position in a UK or Republic of Ireland (ROI) institution for at least the first three years of the award. They don’t need to be a UK national.

There is no restriction to certain areas of medicine or biology, nor any age restrictions. In particular the Lister Institute is interested in funding researchers just starting their own independent research group, or for group leaders looking to research new areas not covered by current awards.

Please click here for more details on eligibility and feel free to contact us to discuss your own circumstances.

Application process

To apply for an award a written submission is first provided.

Selected applicants are then interviewed by members of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

You can see the full details of the application process here and find the form to submit your own application at this page.

The impact of Covid-19

Despite the ongoing pandemic we have been working hard to ensure that the Lister awards for 2021 are disrupted as little as possible.

You can find more information about how we are addressing issues raised by the pandemic in this statement.