Lister Fellow Tom Baden named to the shortlist of the Nature Research Awards for Driving Global Impact

We are very pleased to announce that Lister Fellow Tom Baden has been named to the shortlist of the Nature Research Awards for Driving Global Impact.

These prestigious awards, delivered in partnership with Tencent, are given to early-career researchers whose work is making a major difference to global society, or has the potential to do so.

Every year the award committee selects a specific field to assess for ground-breaking ideas and bodies of work.

For 2019 the field of brain sciences was chosen, including areas such as the relationship between brain and behaviour, novel approaches to preventing and treating brain diseases and technological breakthroughs.

Applicants for the awards were invited from researchers all over the world provided they have established an independent research group within the past 5 years as of 1st November 2018.

A short list of 10 scientists has been selected and the winner is due to be announced in November 2019.

Tom Baden is a Professor of Neuroscience and leads the Baden Lab which is based at Sussex Neuroscience in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

We have previously written about his work in the field of visual information processing in the brain and other aspects of animal eye function and neuron activity.

We are delighted to hear about Professor Baden’s achievement and would like to wish him luck for this award.