How to use the Lister Institute Website

Here at the Lister Institute we pride ourselves on being an open and accessible organisation that places a lot of emphasis on informing and supporting our valuable members and the wider biomedical community.

To this end we’ve put together a short article to help new visitors navigate around the website.

The best place to start is the page the discusses our work. This will give you a good introduction to what we do and an overview of the rest of the site.

The following sub-sections list all of the major pages on the site along with the information that can be found on each of them:

Our history and achievements

Our history – at this page you can learn about the origins and development of our institution.

At this page you can download our special publication to commemorate our 125th anniversary.

Research achievements – see some of our most memorable research achievements and those of our valued members and partners.

Our organisational structure

The Organisation – find out about the structure of the organisation as a whole here. We also have more detail and information on the current members that support different aspects of our work at the following pages:

You can also see more about the Institute’s Scientific Strategy and download our annual reports.

Research Prizes

Our Research Prizes are the backbone of the Lister Institute. Every year we award promising researchers with funding to help progress cutting edge biomedical research. In this section of the site you can find out all about this work:

Research Prizes – find out more about the Research Prizes themselves.

Eligibility – review the full set of eligibility rules for our research funding opportunities.

Applications – learn how to apply.

What it meant to me – read the thoughts and testimonials of previous Research Prize winners.

Our Prize Fellows

At the Lister Institute we pride ourselves on the strength of the community that has developed around our researchers and funding initiatives. Access to well-known researchers in the field helps our current Prize Fellows learn and develop their careers, and we also like to share the achievements and details of the researchers we currently fund. In this section of the site you can see:

News and contact

The final two areas of the site are:

The news section  – where we share the latest updates from the Institute, research achievements of our Fellows and Members and other information.

The contact page – explaining how you can get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ve found this overview helpful, and please let us know if you have any feedback on the website or any other aspect of our work.