Baden Lab wins Wellcome Trust Investigator Award

We are very pleased to announce that the Baden lab – the laboratory of Lister Fellow Tom Baden – has been granted a prestigious Wellcome Trust Investigator Award in 2020.

These awards are given to outstanding teams of independent researchers who have demonstrated a strong track record and particularly compelling research vision that can help address some of the most important questions in science today.

They are provided as flexible research grants up to £3 million and distributed over a number of years.

The Baden lab’s application was entitled “How to connect an eye to a brain” and will build on the team’s excellent heritage in improving knowledge in vision research and other related areas of sensing and neuroscience.The aim of this programme of work is to advance understanding of retina science and will utilise the animal model larval zebrafish as a basis for innovative new investigations.

The Baden Lab is based at the School of Life Sciences in the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK, where Tom has achieved recognition such as winning a Nature Research Award for Driving Global Impact this year.

You can find out more about Tom’s other work and achievements in this profile we have previously published.

We are very pleased to hear of Tom’s achievements and honoured to have played a role in supporting research of such quality.