Operations Manager Maternity Cover

Operations Manager – Maternity cover – 12-18 months from August 2022

Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine

Circa £40K

35hrs a week

Home based (There is no office)


Thank you for your interest in joining the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine.  We are a small charity with a long and illustrious history. The Lister Institute was established in 1891 and awards prizes (currently £250K) to young leaders in the field of biomedical research. For more information about the Lister Institute see our website.

The Operations Manager is a pivotal role in the small Lister Institute team. We have three staff: the Director, the Operations Manager and the Accountant.  We all work from as we have no offices. The Operations Manager is the only full time position and is central to the operation of the charity. An opportunity has now arisen to cover this role for 12 – 18 months (due to maternity leave) either as a secondment or as a short-term contract.

The Lister Institute awards its Prizes after a very competitive process to the brightest young researchers in the field of biomedical research.  The Operations Manager position is a very diverse role and is core to the day to day running of the charity; the processes for the applications, review and the selection of the prize winners; as well as the operations and governance of the charity.  They also organise our annual meeting of fellows which is held in Oxford every year.   They report to and work closely with the Director. They also work closely with the accountant, the trustees, committee members, the fellows, applicants and other stakeholders and are the central point of communication and information with everyone.  For a more detailed job description see below.

The person coming into this role requires to be a self starter and be able to take initiative while knowing when to ask for advice.  The individual will work from home so will not have the support of colleagues at the desk beside them.  They need to be extremely organised and be able to remain on top of multiple streams of work at the same time.  It is intended that there will be a 2-3 month training period so that the individual will be able to learn the role before the post-holder goes on maternity leave.

To apply for the position or for an informal discussion about it, please send your CV to jobs@lister-institute.org.uk

Area of Activity

Responsibilities and Requirements


  • Manage all operational aspects of the Lister Institute central ‘office’ to deliver the aims objectives and activities of the Lister Institute. This includes processes for the applications for and selection of Prize Winners, running the Lister’s governance and oversight committees etc
  • Work closely and effectively with the Director and Accountant promoting good team working and excellent communications
  • Communicate well and maintain good working relationships with all Lister groups including Trustees, Committee members, Fellows and applicants
  • Seek ways to stream-line and improve what we do and how we work
  • Ensure key documents and information are version controlled and available to the Director and Accountant and other relevant individuals as necessary (optimise use of Sharepoint)




  • Prepare and send out through all relevant mechanisms information and marketing materials to maximise applications for the Prizes
  • Ensure that the website and other information sources about how to apply for Lister Prizes are clear and up to date and the application process is as straight forwards as possible
  • Manage all communications with applicants advising them of eligibility rules and keeping them appropriately informed throughout the application and selection process
  • Manage all communications with SAC members and external reviewers throughout the process
  • Work closely with the Director to ensure that all reviewing and scoring of applications is completed in accordance with the plan, manging conflicts of interest and ensuring compliance with data protection and other relevant laws

Effectively use and manage the grant management system for the full end to end process (Benefactor) working with the company to continuously improve its functionality and the user experience for all users



  • Manage all communications with the prize winners / fellows ensuring that they are kept appropriately informed and that they provide information to the Lister as required eg annual reports, information about them winning other prizes, them publishing in high profile journals etc
  • Ensure all information and documentation about Prize-winners (present and past) are kept up to date for the website, the Director and other relevant individuals

Ensure all prize winners have a visit at their host institution by the Chairman and Director for a local prize-giving and celebration



  • Prepare papers for all meetings utilising the iBabs board management system
  • Ensure effective organisation of the committee meetings and smooth running on the day

Work closely with the Director to manage the membership of the Committees

AGM/Fellows’ Meeting (September)


  • Ensure effective organisation of the AGM and meeting and smooth running on the days
  • Work closely with the Director to agree the programme and invite all speakers in good time
  • Work closely with the venue and other suppliers (eg Live streaming, photographer etc) to ensure everything works well and we get value for money

Be main point of communication with the venue, managing the contract with them



  • Work closely with the accountant and manage the day-to-day payments, including payroll, from the bank account
  • Be the main point of contact and communication with the Lister Pensioners

Be the main point of contact with Prize Winners and ensure they provide the relevant information on the expenditure of their prize when required

Summer Students


  • Manage the application and award process for summer studentships utilising the Benefactor system
  • Ensure information on the website and elsewhere about studentships and the process is maintained up to date and accurate

Be the main point of contact with fellows and students

Annual Report and Accounts


  • Work closely with the Director to agree a timetable of activities and to work together to ensure the ARA is completed on schedule
  • Prepare the sections allocated to the Operations Manager
  • Ensure formatting, cross-referencing, page numbering etc is correct
  • Manage the relationship with the designer ensuring good communication

Oversee the printing and distribution of the final copies

Website and Marketing


  • Regularly review the website and ensure it is maintained in an up to date and accurate state, working closely with the IT/Web support person

Work closely with account manager at Scientia Scripta to plan news stories for website and social media



  • Maintain the Membership register for the Lister Institute utilising the database

Manage all communications with the Membership

Registered Bodies


  • Submit all necessary returns, details and reports to Companies House and the Charity Commission
  • Maintain up to date all details registered with Companies House and the Charity Commission

Support the Director in preparation of returns to AMRC and submit returns to them when required.



  • Ensure core office activities are completed, supplies maintained etc
  • Undertake any other tasks reasonably requested to ensure the smooth running of the Lister Institute
  • The role is working from home, although you will be expected to travel for meetings to London and Oxford and possibly other places

Be the main point of contact for suppliers e.g. The Gallery Partnership (Grant management and IT support), Stuffed Monkey (website), iBabs (Board Papers) and Scientia Scripta (News stories)



At all times, promote the values, high standards and policies of the Lister Institute through personal behaviour.

To apply or for an informal discussion, please send your CV to